AEDsys Software Suite

AEDsys Software Suite

Contains the programs: AEDsys, AFTRBRN, ATMOS, COMPR, EQL, GASTAB, INLET, KINETX, MAINBRN, and ONX (each described below)


A large downloaded file containing an extensive collection of general and specific computational software entitled AEDsys accompanies Aircraft Engine Design, Second Edition. The main purpose of AEDsys is to allow you to avoid the complex, repetitive, tedious calculations that are an inevitable part of the aircraft engine design process and to instead focus on the underlying concepts and their resulting effects. The AEDsys software has been developed and refined with the sometimes involuntary help of captive students from all walks of life over a period of more than 20 years, and has become a formidable capability. Put simply, the AEDsys software plays an essential role in achieving the pedagogical goals of the textbook authors.

With practice, you will find your own reasons to be fond of AEDsys, but they will probably include the following six. First, the input requirements for any calculation automatically remind you of the complete set of information that must be supplied by the designer. Second, units can be effortlessly converted back and forth between BE and SI, thus evading one of the greatest pitfalls of engineering work. Third, all the computations are based on physical models and modern algorithms that make them nearly instantaneous. Fourth, many of the most important computational results are presented graphically, allowing visual interpretation of trends and limits. Fifth, they are compatible with modern PC and laptop presentation formats, including menu and mouse driven actions. Sixth, and far from least, is the likelihood that you will find uses for the broad capabilities of the AEDsys software far beyond the needs of the textbook Aircraft Engine Design, Second Edition. Look over the user guides and example screens using the links included below.

AEDsys Program - Comprehensive program that encompasses Chapters 2 - 7 of textbook. Includes constraint analysis (Chapter 2), aircraft system performance (Chapters 2 & 3), mission analysis of aircraft system (Chapter 3), and engine performance (Chapter 5). User can select from the basic engine models of Chapters 2 and 3 or the advanced engine models of Chapter 5 with the installation loss model of Chapter 6 or constant loss model. Calculates uninstalled engine performance at full and partial throttle using the engine models of Chapter 5. Engine interface quantities of Chapter 7 can be calculated at engine operating conditions. Program user guide (4.3MB pdf)

AFTRBRN Program - Preliminary design of afterburner. Includes sizing and layout. Example screens (188KB pdf)

ATMOS Program - Calculate properties of the atmosphere for standard, hot, cold, and tropical days. Example screen (90KB pdf)

COMPR Program - Preliminary mean-line design of multi-stage axial-flow compressor. Includes rim and disc stress. Program user guide (1.7MB pdf)

EQL Program - Equilibrium properties and process end states for reactive mixtures of ideal gases, for different problems involving hydrocarbon fuels and air. Example screens (150KB pdf)

GASTAB Program - Equivalent to traditional compressible flow appendices for the simple flows of calorically perfect gases. Includes: isentropic flow; adiabatic, constant area frictional flow (Fanno flow); frictionless, constant area heating and cooling (Rayleigh flow); normal shock waves; oblique shock waves; multiple oblique shock waves; and Prandtl-Meyer flow. Example screens (179KB pdf)

INLET Program - Preliminary design and analysis of two-dimensional external compression inlet. Program user guide (1.0MB pdf)

KINETX Program - Preliminary design tool that models finite-rate combustion kinetics in a simple Bragg combustor consisting of well-stirred reactor, plug-flow reactor, and non-reacting mixer. Example screens (143KB pdf)

MAINBRN Program - Preliminary design of main combustor. Includes sizing, air partitioning, and layout. Example screens (233KB pdf)

NOZZLE Program - Preliminary design and analysis of axisymmetric exhaust nozzle. Program user guide (1.0MB pdf)

ONX Program - Design point and parametric cycle analysis of the following engines based on the models of Chapter 4: single-spool turbojet, dual-spool turbojet with/without afterburner, mixed-flow turbofan with/without afterburner, high bypass turbofan, and turboprop. User can select gas model as one with constant specific heats, variable specific heats, or constant specific heats through all components except for those where combustion occurs where variable specific heats are used. Generates reference engine data for input to AEDsys program. Program user guide (1.5MB pdf)

TURBN Program - Preliminary mean-line design of multi-stage axial-flow turbine. Includes rim and disc stress. Program user guide (1.1MB pdf)